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The Looking Glass Wars?!?

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Cat Mandu says:

Have any of you read The Looking Glass Wars?!? It's a spinoff of Alice In Wonderland! FANTASTIC!!!
10:28AM, 11 August 2009 PDT (permalink)

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farTHERfromgrace says:

i have, it's completely fantastic! a great spinoff and i love how they twisted the story line around. it was a wonderful book. (by the way, there's a sequel called Seeing Redd).

also, if anyone else likes twisted or darker fairytales and such, try out The Book of Lost Things. it's brill, and definitely my favorite book ever. :]
103 months ago (permalink)

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ginajaja says:

im a big alice fan, and sadly ive never heard before about this book. is it a trilogy?? wt is it about? ive tried lookin for it in libraries but it seems its hard to find it in mexico? would anyone send me a copy by email? ok tht wold be to much work LOL geez!! im so intrigued i wanna read so badly!! also the Book of lost things sounds awesome. hard to find here tho :(
97 months ago (permalink)

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Kaptain Kobold says:

Hmm, I read it a few years ago, and really wanted to like it. But it didn't do anything for me and I didn't bother with the sequel.

To me it read like a screenplay pitch - less of a book and more of an attempt to produce something that might be made into a film or video game.
84 months ago (permalink)

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