Hello Friends

Carpe.Canem 10:22pm, 6 October 2009
I'm not Iranian, nor have I ever visited Iran, but I find the photographs here to be very interesting! I extend my open hand in friendship and I hope to see and learn more as I stay with this group. :)
milad.r 9 years ago
hello Christopher
Alieh 9 years ago
Welcome to the Iranian group and we hope that you could visit Iran one day in near future and enjoy its beauty by yourself :)
Rivai Ahmad Affandi Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Rivai Ahmad Affandi (member) 9 years ago
Hi All

I am Indonesian. Never visit iran,( I really want to someday) .I am learning about their culture and politics thru book i can find here and internet.

I am very intersted in Iran photographs on Flickr

See my profile
sam_alcaphone 9 years ago
Hello Christopher and Rivai,

Welcome to the Iranian group!
Rivai Ahmad Affandi 9 years ago
Thanks Sam.
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