ali hamed haghdoost 10:08pm, 1 July 2009
Central landfill of Tabriz

Everyday a lot of teenagers , young and middle aged people from a village named Anakhatoon gather used bottles, different kinds at metal, plastic and etc among the thrown out waste of Tabriz in order to earn very little money for a living .These people are in danger of getting dangerous infectious deseases. Central landfill of Tabriz is located 20 km away from the city in northwest at it. it is near Anakhatoon village. Tabriz is a city in East Azarbaijan province, 624 km (386.2 miles) northwest of Tehran, Iran on November 19, 2008. (Photo/Ali Hamed Haghdoust)


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Shobeir 9 years ago
Very impressive shots, and of course dark stories behind them.
B.E.H.N.O.U.D 9 years ago
a Great set ... thank you
Behrad / 9 years ago
Thanks a lot dear Ali
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