cyprys 4:45pm, 17 January 2009
My name is Marcin. I have travelled across Iran in 2007 and I fell in love with the country.I have also made many friends in Karaj, Astara and Isfahan. I just joined your group and i want to share my work with you. I am sorry but I do not speak farsi....yet. I know that most iranians speak english;)
B.E.H.N.O.U.D Posted 9 years ago. Edited by B.E.H.N.O.U.D (member) 9 years ago
"Assalam Alaikum" is arabic we say "salam" :) welcome
e 11 e v e n 9 years ago

nice to see you here my friend :)
cyprys 9 years ago
sorry about that b.e.h.n.o.u.d.;)hopefully I haven't hurt the feelings.
Behrad / Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Behrad / (member) 9 years ago
welcome to Iranian group , Hope to see your nice photos from Iran :-)
Recovering Sick Soul 9 years ago
Welcome Marcin, waiting to see ur photos of Iran. ;)
Tikke Sang 9 years ago
Hello Dear Friend
Welcome to Iranian group. tanx for your friendly post & happy to read your opinion about Iran.
I saw you photos, some of them were very nice and indicate your delighted sight.
Hope once we could have the pleasure to meet each other in Iran.
Best of All and all the best for you.
cyprys 9 years ago
thank you! I feel like a part of a Family now. I will be uploading photos constantly. Hope you will like them.
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