Rowan Castle PRO 8:38pm, 7 July 2008
Hi there,

Please help? I will be visiting Iran in September this year, going to Tehran, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman and Shiraz. My travel guidebook is a few years old, and I just wondered if anyone here could give me a rough idea of daily costs for hotels and food please? I will be backpacking around, and plan to stay in mid-range hotels if possible, ie. fairly basic but with a room with its own bathroom. I would like to eat out in restaurants that are similar - good food, but not at the top end of the price range?

If you could give me an idea of costs expressed in $US that would be really helpful!

Thanks and I look forward to visiting Iran :-)
babaea / ببعی 10 years ago

I currently do not live in Iran but I did a little research and it seems that a single room in a 3 star hotel is around $150 a night. Are you from the States? There are a lot of Iranian tour operators in the States. Now I know you're not planning on going with a tour but they maybe able to help you with the price guidelines. I hope someone else here can help you more than I can. I'll keep an eye on this post
pedramatic 10 years ago
Rowan Castle PRO 10 years ago
Thanks very much to both of you for your replies. I've also received some very useful advice via flickrmail and will be responding very shortly :-)

Thanks again, and I look forward to any further advice!

P.S. I will be travelling from the UK, but I asked for US$ amounts as it is easier to compare different costs of living that way.
Mehdi Kavousian 10 years ago
Iran mid range hotels suited for backpackers range from $15-$25. Food about $3-5. Traveling by bus is very cheap thanks to rather free fuel price compare to European country. A 300 km travel by air-conditioned Volvo bus cost about $5 and with rather old bus about $2.
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