B a m s h a d 11:26pm, 14 April 2008
Dear friends,

The Central Library of Utrecht is exposing a collection of my photos from April 14 till May11 2008 in its main ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor hall. It would be a great honor to have you there visiting my photos.

Photo exhibition title: hometown x 2
Photographer: Bamshad Houshyani
Address: Oudegracht 167, Utrecht, the Netherlands, free entrance, photos are for sale.
please see the exhibition flier here (also attached): bamihoo.googlepages.com/PhotoExhibitionBamshad.pdf

Opening hours of the library: www.bibliotheek-utrecht.nl/nl/home/Bibliotheek_Utrecht/op...

Some more info in Dutch: www.bibliotheek-utrecht.nl/nl/home/Actueel/2008-van-maand...

Best wishes,

p.s. photos are fore sale.
Hamed Saber 10 years ago
بامشاد جان تبریک
حیف که تابلوها فروشیه و الا اگه مجانی بود به هر قیمتی شده خودم رو میرسوندم
nima; hopographer 10 years ago
مبارکه آقا..
deafening thrill [deleted] 10 years ago
tabrik arz mishe ghorbaan.
Recovering Sick Soul 10 years ago
Kamiar.Y 10 years ago
MOHSEN MaSoUmI 10 years ago
al tabrik mal tabrim va ma adraka mal tabrik
kholase koli tabrik
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