myeyeshots 6:46pm, 11 September 2007
Salam be hamegi,

Sensor of my DSLR got dusty just after a few months of purchase. Since it is less than 2 yrs I can ship it to the company to get cleaned free. This can happen again after a while and since it is a costy service I was looking for a safe way to clean it myself.

Have you ever tried to clean your sensor? Is it too risky? I think that would be helpful for evryone to share our experience in here.

I found this video in youtube, but not sure how much I can trust it:
Khorramyar 11 years ago
Your best bet is to buy a visibledust.

I have this and its excellent.

-- Hamed
sar-kelandi 11 years ago
Some people dare to clean their sensors with a cotton swab and pure alcohol, but I haven't taken the risk yet!
My camera sensor seem to be picking up some dust that I can't get off with my manual blower, so I'm kind of frustrated.

I'll let you know if did it, but it won't be anytime soon!
Good luck!
myeyeshots 11 years ago
Thanks for your comments. I might try Hamed's suggestion... I checked the website and it looks good.

But any solution I will try I would post it here. I know it is a popular problem and it would be useful for others as well.


myeyeshots 11 years ago
Finally I chose the safest way (the most expensive one) and sent it to a repair shop to get it clean.

But here is some tips to share:

1- Be sure to turn off your camera before removing the lens as the static electricity on the sensor can attract dusts.

2- Hold your camera face down during changing the lens.

3- Always be sure that there is no dust on the rear side of your lens before you attach it to the camera body.

4- Don’t replace your lens where is a risk of dust in air.

5- Vacuum inside of your camera case every often to keep it free of dust.
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