minstral2002 12:49am, 15 August 2007
Hello, my name is Stewart, and I am from Canada. I am trying to put together 2 short video's using pictures and music to try to end the war in Iraq, and also stop the USA from attacking Iran.

Would it be ok to use some of your pictures in these videos? The link to My Blog and some of my other videos are below


Minstral’s Photo music streams on You Tube

When I complete the video, I will upload it to You Tube for everyone to see. I will not use your photos if you do not want me to. Please let me know your decision soon thank you. I will not profit from these videos, nor will I ask for money. I am trying to do my part to end the horrors that Bush & Cheney have started. If you wish to contact me, send flickr mail and I will give write back.

Germán Vogel 11 years ago
Please use any image you need from mines. It would be a honour to get one of mine in there hehe. Im looking foward to see it!
Hamed Saber 11 years ago
My photos are in too
sar-kelandi 11 years ago
I don't have too many pictures of Iran, but you can go ahead an use them!

How would you give the photographers credit?
I know it is pretty impossible in the video.
eshare PRO 11 years ago
I really appreciate your effort. Although I do not have many pictures here, I would be more than happy to see them in your future works.
Germán Vogel 11 years ago
The credits? Why is that a problem? At least if they would use a photo of mine for a video on the real Iran it would be enough just seeing it there or, being ambitious, getting a simple thanks at the end or so.
sar-kelandi Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sar-kelandi (member) 11 years ago
I wondered how it's done.
You could say thanks to the many friends who contributed.
I guess that is the easiest way!
minstral2002 11 years ago
Thank you very much everyone. Once I have completed the videos, I will resend you the link. I will thank each contributing photographer within the video, unless you decide that you do not want your name in the video.

Blog “World United”

Minstral’s Photo music streams on You Tube

Thanks again, everyone

Stewart Brennan
sar-kelandi 11 years ago
Good luck!
minstral2002 11 years ago
My first War Protest video is ready and available to view on You Tube. It may not have everyone’s photos in it, but give me time, because there are more video’s coming. Thank you for allowing me to use your pictures in this important statement.

Get Up, Stand Up.

Best Regards,
sar-kelandi 11 years ago
That was pretty cool anti-war anti-bush adminstration movie!

I noticed a whole bunch of the protest pictures were from San Francisco, am I right?

Keep up the good work!
minstral2002 11 years ago
Yes, San Franciso was one of several US cities in the first video. I will be showing many, many more cities in the coming videos.

I will also be working on my "Friends of Iran" video very soon.

minstral2002 11 years ago
One of many American War Crimes!

Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre (War Crimes)
minstral2002 11 years ago
Please forgive me for posting so much. I am trying to get the word out to the world about an evil that must be stopped...I can't help it. it is not within me to sit back and say nothing. I am worried...
minstral2002 11 years ago
Here is a new video I just finished this morning.


minstral2002 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by minstral2002 (member) 11 years ago
I have finished my first video project on Iran. The link is below. Let me know what you think. Thank you everyone for all of your help on this project. I will be in touch again soon with my second video.

Friends of Iran

Your Friend,
Stewart Brennan
sar-kelandi 11 years ago
I checked out the videos thanks!

Te massacre in Fallujah was awful, but it is not srprising when you think about it. We live in messed up world and there doesn't seem to be in moral or ethics.
I watched "V for Vendetta" last night and it looks like a prediction of what is coming (and a happy ending), but I hope there's a happy ending.
minstral2002 11 years ago
I have opened a file in the hague to accuse the Americans of War Crimes and crime against humanity in Iraq. The court has accepted my submission. I pray it is followed through. Information about it is on my blog.

eshare PRO 11 years ago
Dear Stewart,

Thank you very much for using and crediting my photos. It is an honor for me and I really appreciate it.

Your video is very nice. Please keep up the good work, and let us know how we can help you in your future works.
minstral2002 11 years ago
Thank you eshare. The credit belongs to the photographers such as yourself for bringing the beauty and life of Iran to light.

Light removes darkness and sometimes needs help to continue towards eternity.

Here is another link to the video for anyone interested.


Peace and friendship in a World United.

sar-kelandi 11 years ago
I'm impressed!
You actually are planing to take U.S. to the court for war Crimes!
You should gather as much evidence as you can.
Best of luck to you!
minstral2002 11 years ago
Thank you Sar. I believe that everyone who has recorded War Crimes by pictures, video, or even as eye witness’s should open their own file or use my file number to send information to the International Criminal Court of Justice in the Hague. Please pass the information along to anyone you might meet up with and let them know. Thanks.

We must all help one another and stick up for each other because no one else will. Peace to everyone.

sar-kelandi 11 years ago
try to find Iraqis on flickr of elsewhere who have access to internet.

Is that documentary on Fallujah created by you?
That is great in terms of opening our eyes, but horrific at showing what humans are capable of.

I'll see if I can find people who can help.
minstral2002 11 years ago
Iraq is in bad shape. The Americans are destroying it, so I am having a hard time contacting people from Iraq...I did not create the documentary on Fallujah, but I have submitted it to “The Hague” as evidence of war crimes. I have no doubt that it will be used, but what’s more is that the USA committed a War Crime just by invading Iraq.

What I am trying to do Sar, as a growing number of Western people are now doing, is trying to stop the Americans from invading Iran.

There are a number of fabricated reasons the Americans have made up, to invade Iran, but the real reason they want to invade, is Iran’s Oil. The American’s were stopped in Venezuela and Hugo Chavez has prevailed thank God, but he is not completely safe yet. The USA invaded Iraq for its Oil…we have seen how ruthless they have become. No one is safe while the current White House administration and its financial backers hold power.

The Americans do not have a foot to stand on. Truth is on the side of Iran, and so are the people of the World. Any Western nations Government that backs the USA in War will suffer a huge backlash from within their own countries by their own people.

Without OIL, the American economic system will fail along with their military grip on the World...no Oil = no energy = no military strength.

The Americans will fight to the death to steal everyone’s oil wealth. The World knows it. The World need’s to join together and stop the USA, and that means the Worlds people need to vote for change. There is strength in numbers.

One day, maybe Iran and Iraq can be reunited. I think it might be a possible solution for a lasting peace in the Middle East. The second thing would have to be a shared Palestine / Israel by both people. To do that the USA must be removed from a position of influence. Everything can be achieved by peace and communication.

minstral2002 11 years ago
The USA is a dying empire, and we all know that a dying empire does not go quietly. A new energy revolution is going to unfold in the coming years...and its simple...H2O...if you send a DC current through stainless steel plates submerged in water, you break down the water molecule into its elements of hydrogen and oxygen. When you trap these gases, they can be burned...think about that one.

You can take a simple system, and set up a blowtorch. The separation of these elements can be returned to its original compound state without impurities. That means water purification...the list is endless on what you can achieve with it.

Right now, you just can't fly aircraft on it...hence the reason the USA wants the Oil energy to continue with themselves as the owners. If they allowed hydrogen technology to surface, they would lose their military advantage and control of the World.
minstral2002 11 years ago
I have decided to remove my pictures from flickr due to my own ignorance concerning photo file sizes and the possibility of them being stolen and used for profit.

I am unemployed and on a corporate shit list so I do not have much of a future in the 9 to 5 world. Pictures have become a possible income so until I learn how to post photos that are small file sizes my photos will no longer be available. They can be viewed on the music videos that I make.
Germán Vogel 11 years ago
Dear Stewart,

Do you really believe the US main reason to invade Iran is the oil? I really have to disagree a lot on that one, and can elaborate on my thoughts here if youre interested - which by the way are only my opinions, but very responsably held, and polished by the wide range of Iranians I met in my trip through Iran.

Going even further than the weapons' industry driving the US Senate to support more and more wars, Iran didnt recently became the US biggest foe, but it happened in 1979 with the Islamic Revolution, and even before that, when installing the Shah's oppresive regime they weren't directly thinking about oil as the British were: the British fooled the Americans convincing them that Iran was turning to the communism of the Soviet Union with Mosadeq, so the US was, as soon as 1953, getting rid of marxism (you can see more details in the AJAX Project reports available online, where among other measures, religious or non-secular elements had to be eliminated and crushed).

Just as it happened in my country, Chile in the 70's with Pinochet. Thousands here got killed not because of oil or any other natural resource, but for holding communism. Ideological purposes are quite more important than profits. It is all about the model currently being followed: it needs to create a global government with no opposing models or real alternatives, as it is natural the market to need an homogeneous planet, and thus needs to destroy the differences it encounters. That is why they invested billions and more billions in getting rid of marxism (Im not saying marxism wouldave been better: they just proposed the same but red, and wouldave also needed to get rid of the global differences).

The Iraq war is nothing but the war against Iran, else ask yourself why havent they left when there were no weapons of mass destruction and with Saddam Hussein already out: its because Iran has great influence over what might happen to Iraq. The important people of Iraqi government have either lived, been raised or born in Iranian soil, and the connections are natural beyond the known proportion 60% Shiahs and 40% Sunnis.

As a physics student who has followed energetic issues in the world, my conclusion is that the war against Iran is not mainly about securing oil reserves in a world that already calculates running out of oil in a few decades, and spends thousands of billions of dollars and joint efforts between the US, the EU, Japan and Russia researching about nuclear fusion, and that already controls nuclear fision technology. I dont think hydrogen technology is a threat at all, as they have been financing TOKAMAKS experiments at Princeton for decades, and now they have been one of the major funders of ITER project to be built at France and experiment with the stability of plasmas reactions to become the future source of energy.

The Iran war is all about getting rid of a world power that comes to propose a different system of doing things around, which even works and threatens the absolutism they need for their global market to work - since Khamenei started worrying about technology, Iran became the country with the fastest growing rate of scientific publications, Iran developed a nanotechnology industry that few countries can develop in isolation as they did, as well as a petrochemical industry that has aided countries like Venezuela and Nicaragua here in my continent, and have made great progress in medical sciences, and now comes harnessing nuclear fision for pacific purposes, to stop depending on oil and become fully independent on international markets.

Iran is the only world power - and this isnt even my own invention, but according to US analysts who include the Persian country along with the US, the EU, Russia and China - which doesnt go for just a different economical system, but for a government of spiritual guidance.

The Iranian society is an organic society. It is impossible to understand how Iran works if you only check for the international statistics and numbers - biased or unbiased that is. It takes to see people there helping each other at any circumstance, holding family as one of the highest values in life, and its population constantly recurring to the wisdom of its holy Islamic poets, whose mausoleums are never empty.

The Iranian government encourages this way of life, which is the result of thousands of years of social evolution in the continuous Persian history, and actually cares about it decaying.

They would save sooooooooo many head aches if they would just forget about religion, and imitate line by line the western policies, so their people believes to be free by being slaves of the credit system and of a materialistic perception of existence. However it is to me admirable that they go for the hard path which gets so many critics even if Iran. If they would just want to be in power as some westerners argue, I believe they wouldave saved the problem forgetting about a religion that is supposed to bring them a lot of problems.

Still, believing the wars are waged for oil is not a bad thought: at least it is still away from the fierce propaganda permeating the media and social rumours as it works in Iran - did you know the US government alone destined 25 billions this year to broadcast propaganda only to Iran for Iranians to watch in through satellite TV and believe in the evilness of their government? Only in 2007. And some 22 billions for the "opposition", which actually ends up in border terrorists hands, like the PKK, dedicated to kill human beings to give the feeling of unstability in Iran.

Good luck with your photos and Im sad theyre down!

sar-kelandi 11 years ago
I think the U.S. government cares about the oil supplies they can control. They want to be able control the groth of China or any other country by choking them if they dare to challenge the U.S.
U.S. presence in the ME also grants them the ability to prevent chaos in case of a war... it also secures them their right to cheap oil!

Most Arab states around the Persian Gulf rely on the U.S. to keep them in power and in return they'll hand over the oil! The public doesn't like the ruling families and that leads to anti-American sentiment and possible attraction to Jihadi ideology.

Iran is an Islamic theocracy in the heart of ME and has a track record in supporting anti-American and anti-government movements around the Islamic world, which goes 180 degrees against American interests (stable region with pro-American governments).

So U.S. will achieve things by changing Iranian regime to a pro-American one:
1) removing one of America enemies from the map
2) removing the source of instability in the ME (Islamic ideology, financing, training and supplying of Islamic groups)
3) securing more oil with Iran under American influence

@ Germán:
I don't think Iranian system is as great as you describe it (glorify it!).
And I doubt that the U.S. care what political system Iran is using, as long as it doesn't jeopardizes American interests!

Communism is a different story, it is the greatest threat to the Imperialism and big business in America. So to preserve the "system" communism must be stopped at all cost (look at poor little Cuba! what is so dangerous about them? what are they under American embargo for 50 years?).
Germán Vogel 11 years ago

Mmm you seriously believe communism exists, or even more, that it is a threat for anyone, being almost two long decades after the Berlin Wall fell which did nothing but to follow the complete failure of the system?

As I wrote, communism was no different from the system nowadays prevailing: it was also founded believing socities - thus arts, religions and culture - are nothing but subproducts of economy - thus they must be adjusted for economy to be enhanced -, also needed to make of people "individuals" rather than persons, to satisfy global markets.

The communist system divided my country and many others in two, and provided them with machineguns and weapons to arm the population against their own countrymen, just because according to it, the whole history of the world is about fighting: the materialistic struggle of classes.

I dont think anyone sees communism as a threat. China is not even communist anymore, they will be do nothing but to carry on with the Western materialistic views, just in a different corner of the world.


Again blaming the wars on oil sure, has made everyone awaken about the world situation, but it clearly provides no explanation for the wars and animosity against Iran:

AMERICA BORROWS 2-3 billion dollars from China and Japan A DAY to afford the war in Iraq only. A safe calculation gives that its not a profitable business given the extremely short lifespan of the oil-era just a few decades from now. And you even have to finish a war to start profiting from it. So if the oil-era ends in 20 more years, and the Iraq+Iran wars end in 5 more years, 15 years of oil revenues are so not worth any single of those wars, not to mention other huge sums related to the weakening of the enemies.


The only purpose to have been against Iran since 1979 - of which the current Iraqi situation is nothing but a subproduct - has been wiping off the map any world power that opposes being enslaved by the monetarycracy, and by that world homogeneization needed for the ONE WORLD market to get the ONE WORLD government, ONE WORLD religion, ONE WORLD language, and ONE WORLD culture (that is, no guidance, no religion, lack of dialogue and no culture) that it needs.

The war is not posed on terror, or oil: this is a war against those who strive against materialism and against the real enslavery of people.

If not America, then Finland or Canada, you say. Does it make sense that in countries like Sweden and Finland, where they are supposed to have the world's BEST QUALITY OF LIFE, you also find the world's highest SUICIDE rates? Or that Canada, a country with just 30 million inhabitants is one of the top 4-5 nations that pollutes the world the most? Imagine if Canada would have even more population!

If you give it an apropriate lecture, those countries might suffer lighter syndromes of the model they chose, but their products dont make them any more admirable. They can be respected because at least they dont finance satellite broadcasts aimed at affecting the Iranians perspective on their own model, and thankfully they also dont finance Iran's opposition or terrorist groups.


I remind you that the word Government comes from the Greek Kybernos, who was the sailor giving the ship a direction. Dont you think if Iranian leaders would be looking for power, money and enslavery of their people they wouldave already been sold as the Saudi kings to follow the exact same western prototype?

Its been quite easy for the Saudis: they get paid, they get omnipotent support, and if anyone says "but" theyre killed, not like in Iran where "opposers" executed are actually terrorists internationally financed who actually busy themselves killing human beings and titled as opposition in the newspapers you read in San Francisco.

Why do they bother so much in actually giving their people a direction that has provided them with real independence for three decades being the biggest foe of the biggest world powers? And please, even under those conditions they have developed science like no other country has.

Someone like Khamenei, who leads a country and who is thinking about the progress of the national technology for independence purposes... believe me he knows what he is talking about, and is wise, and that I would be the happiest person to have him as the leader of my country.


I really thank you for the e-mail you sent me on Iranian history, but I appreciate more views, rather than history mixed with them, which doesnt make a nice reading, but turns into proselitism when you throw so much information about a subject I havent properly researched for myself before.

All I write here are my opinions as I said, extremely sincerely put as I express to you what the bottom of it all is for me - the kind petition for Iranians who give the Islamic Republic an evil lecture to stop helping Americans to stay asleep, and thus to stop helping the war in Iran -, and you can agree or disagree with them as you do.

Those views on Iranian history you shared with me privately are your own reading of history, which I respect as your perspectives, but only as that as since from each one of them I had previously heard so many refutations from Iranians in Iran, and from other not so common Iranians in North America who think extremely different to you.
minstral2002 11 years ago
@ German...Imperialism is the real enemy. The controlling factions of this monster are the Private Bankers that started the whole thing over 100 years ago (Rockefeller, JP Morgan, etc). They have no allegiance to country. The system they use to invoke and gain control of wealth is Imperialism. Don’t forget these very few bankers, control the money and the printing of it. The monetary system is no longer based on precious metals. Nor is it controlled by the Governments in the Western Nations. It is just paper! The value of the paper is controlled by the amount that is printed…and these private bankers are the ones who print it in the Western Nations.

Don't be mistaken about oil. The American economy is based on it. If oil does not flow constantly, the American Empire crumbles and control of the wealth shifts to countries that own the oil, like the countries of the middle east, Venezuela, Russia, and so on...its that simple. At stake is the oligarchs plan for World domination...one world, one currency, one controlling group. (The Oligarchs are from North America, and Europe.)

Watch what unfolds in the coming weeks. You will see Great Britain embrace the Euro. In the coming year you will see the emergence of the Amero (Canada, USA. and Mexico)...Asia will also move to a single currency by necessity. China and India are the emerging industrialized nations that were built by the Oligarchs corporate money. When the coming economic slump happens, a number of Asian banks, and companies, will be turned over to these private bankers in the form of bankruptcy, which is legal theft, as unmoral as it is. The Oligarchs have gained their power this way from day one.

The emergence of the Single Asian currency will be the proposed plan by the Oligarchs who will also control the printing of it. Asia will include Japan, Russia, China, and India to start. For this to happen, an inflation, or deflation of currency must happen so that a merger can take place. If for example one currency is very high, an economic slump is crafted to devalue a currency. Look at England and the USA right now, and then look at the value of the euro.

The nations of the Middle East, Africa, Central & South America, are the current battle zones in the World right now. The battle is for oil and complete control of it. You might even call this the World War three. The war of money.

Once again, Oil is very important right now. The Western Economies depend on it, as do their vast superior War machines. The Oligarchs do not have complete control yet, but it is close. OIL is their Achilles heal at the moment.

minstral2002 11 years ago
I have finished a new video with the help of one other flickr photographer. You can view it on You Tube linked below. Greetings to everyone here, and I hope life is treating you all very well.


Leavin You Behind
sar-kelandi 11 years ago
That was very heart-warming and positive!
minstral2002 11 years ago
I have started a new group on “You tube” and would be honoured if you joined. Come check it out.

Group: A World United

Visit my blog to see the, “Minstrels in the Gallery”.

Groups Beta