Germán Vogel 7:11am, 11 August 2007
Salam Persians!

Man ahle Shili (Chile) hastam, but still thought Id join this group since I really stand for Iran at every chance I get. I visited Iran some months ago and was shocked by how hospitable, evolved and civilized people there is, not to mention the beautiful sights, and the incredibly deep culture offered to the most naive tourist. You are free to check my Chilean photos of Iran. Keep it up!

Khoda Hafez!

Hamed Saber 11 years ago
Hola Germán!

¡Recepción al grupo iraní! And of course we will be appreciated of seeing your shots from Iran here in our group.


Hamed (Admin)
salehoffline 11 years ago
Dear Germán

I'm happy that you had a good time in Iran, I check some of your shots from Iran, you rock my man!

nice to know you,
Germán Vogel 11 years ago
Thanks Hamed, I will of course upload some photos here in the group. Thank you both!
Germán Vogel 11 years ago
Oh, by the way, if you Iranians are interested, I also made a video on my journey to Iran as I was so greatful about having had the chance to know such an amazing country. You can see it here:

I hope you liked it!
Nima Shafaieh 11 years ago
Nicely done video, Germán!
Thank you, as every little bit helps. :)
eshare PRO 11 years ago
Dear Germán,

Thank you for your video. It is done professionally. You shall be awarded an Honorary Iranian citizenship.

Iranians living in Iran can watch the video at the following address:
minstral2002 11 years ago
I loved the video. I will share your link with everyone I know! thank you.
فشار قوي 11 years ago
Hola Germán!
hablo un poco español. bienvenido anuestro grupo!
me enseñé español solo con libros y la gente...
espero de visitar a su país un día ojalá...
es mucho bueno de conocer te :D
Germán Vogel 11 years ago
Un placer también ;) Veo que te gusta Argentina, quizás un día te pueda ayudar a visitarnos aquí en el sur del mundo. Si necesitas cualquier ayuda con el español házmelo saber, pero te felicito por lo que ya sabes :)
sar-kelandi 11 years ago
Mui bien Germån!
Great to see someone so passionate about Iran and Iranians!
Keep up the good work!
Hasta la vista!
Germán Vogel 11 years ago
My pleasure, and believe me its way too easy to become passionate about Iran, so not much credit for me, but will try to do my best about it!
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