Hamed Saber 10:22am, 1 August 2007
This simple tutorial learns you how to create a fish-eye effect (or some kind of polar panorama) from distinct shots.
First of all, I don't know technical materials and maybe better ways of doing this. This was first time that I did it, so if you know some better way, please discuss it here.

I started this thread, because some of my friends asked me to describe how I generate this shot:
Me Fish!
Hamed Saber Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Hamed Saber (admin) 11 years ago
First, I shoot some shots covering all around, with some overlaps:
(Click on photo to see larger size)
Hamed Saber 11 years ago
Then merged them with PhotoShop:
(Click on photo to see larger size)
Hamed Saber 11 years ago
Then rotated it by 180 degree, and changed the aspect ratio:
(Click on photo to see larger size)
Hamed Saber 11 years ago
Then used Polar Coordinates filter (from PhotoShop standard filters) to make it circular.
You can try it your self by saving above photo and using the filter on it!

And at last, I retouched the result, and lowered the resolution.

Just this :)
Simple enough?
rahaa110 11 years ago
khodaro shokr ax akhari varoonast oje faje'e ghiafeha maloom nist
Alizadeh100 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Alizadeh100 (member) 11 years ago
اين عكس شما خيلي قشنگي شده.
بسيار اموزش خوب وكاملي بود.
اين يكي هم مال يك نماي داخليه و يه كمي با مال شما فرق داره.
چطور از اب در اومده؟

HAMED MASOUMI 11 years ago
Che khooob, che rahat, fekr mikardam sakht tar az in harfast. Merci Hamed.
1Ehsan Posted 11 years ago. Edited by 1Ehsan (member) 11 years ago
This Is my version .
I Suggest you see these groups too :

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M.a.n.i 11 years ago
tutorial kheyli khoobie mamnoon hamed jan.
inam avalin ax man ;)

nasrin-SS 11 years ago
vajeb shod manam beram emtehan konam bebinam chi az ab dar miad... masalan otagham ro ba in ravesh akasi konam..
eksir 11 years ago
حامد واسه وسط حوض عکس جدا گانه گرفتی ؟
Hamed Saber 11 years ago
@eksir: راستش بايد ميگرفتم. اما چون بار اولم بود ناشي بازي درآوردم، نگرفتم
وسطش كلاً نقاشيه
.: MiNA :. 11 years ago
kheyli khob boud :)
man bayad beram yeseri axe serial begiram in ravesh ro roosh piade konam
sar-kelandi Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sar-kelandi (member) 11 years ago
Motshaker Hamed jan!
Monire 11 years ago
Mamnoon aghaye Saber.. kheyli mofid bud.
Hadi Fooladi 11 years ago
agha hamed dastet dard nakone
mamnoon az lotfetoon
minstral2002 11 years ago
That was absolutly brilliant! I will need to upgrade photosoftware to try it thank you Hamed...a whole new world.

I have enjoyed the photos here, and would like to extend my hand in frienship and solidarity. I also offer you a voice on my Blog (Link Below)

Mani, alizadeh, ehsan...your photo's were also brilliant!! Thank you for sharing.

Alizadeh100 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Alizadeh100 (member) 10 years ago
لينكهاي كه گذاشتين عالي بودن.ممنون.
Alizadeh100 10 years ago
a planet that i made recently.

soorme... 10 years ago
جالب بود
moniirre 9 years ago
مرسی مرسی :) خیلی خوب بود
N.Normandi 6 years ago
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