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How can we make this work?!

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.Ashkan says:

This is a great group with a fantastic name and great potentials, however, I barely see that much of a activity going on …. I went through the discussions people usually post something random and get something more random instead… So what should we do that deserve such a great collection of photographers…

1. I think as the first step the best thing is to add more people to the group (more fresh blood), so get on your contact lists and invite people even if they are not Persian…
2. What next… let see… how about more general discussions… post something that people like to respond in other words engage people!
3. Competitions are always good for your mind and soul  why not starting one here??
4. Threads about your trips would be very nice… think about it… wouldn’t be nice to have a great trip to Ghamsar and then hold a competition about the best pictures taken there and then put the selected ones somewhere for people to watch the bests of Ghamsar (at least good for me, because; I have no freaking idea what Ghamsar looks like).

Keep up the great job my friends, and thanks to managers of the group!
Originally posted at 7:47AM, 9 May 2007 PDT (permalink)
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sar-kelandi says:

Thank for your attention and suggestions!
I was also concerned about this issue and we had a discussion about it a while ago. It was a good move, it helped for a while, but not as I hoped for.
This is the thread:

We had a self portrait competition here and only six people joined in. I'm pretty sure there are dozens of people who mostly shoot self portrait and didn't join!?
I think we have to personally contact members here to come out and participate!
How does that sound?
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truculent zoo [deleted] says:

This is a great honor and pleasure in being given permission to be a member here in my opinion. I am constantly searching sites pertaining to Iran's culture, societies, clothing, etc... Since this is my only access to Iran and the people there, would it be alright to post pictures I find online? I will even place the references with them as well. Thank you so much for this wonderful group and for allowing me inside.
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Alizadeh100 says:

teh sugestion for competition is so good.
i agree and waiting to offer a thread and start competitioon.
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