Norouz mobarak!

gwilmore 8:15pm, 19 March 2007
I added this post to my blog earlier today, which you might want to look at. I hope the information is all correct, but if not, the inaccuracies are unintentional, and I welcome corrections or comments. Meanwhile, I probably will not be able to send individual e-greetings to all of my Iranian friends who deserve them, in which case I hope you will please accept my apologies, and let this link serve as a substitute -- an adequate one, I hope. Best wishes to one and all!
Lisham 11 years ago
Thanks Garry for your attention to our celebration of "Norouz" :)
It is a tradition of Iranians to have best wishes of having a great year for each other at the beginning of a new year, so do I for you!
gwilmore 11 years ago
Thank you! And best wishes to you, too!
salehoffline 11 years ago
Thanks Garry, Thats so kind of you, I hope the best for you and your family in the new year.
sar-kelandi Posted 11 years ago. Edited by sar-kelandi (member) 11 years ago
Har ruzetan Nowruz bad,
Nowruzetan Piruz bad!

Aide Nowruz ro be hameye donya tabrik migam! :-)

Love you all
gwilmore 11 years ago
Whatever that means. Translation, anyone? For all I know, that might be saying something about what a nutcase I am -- which I suppose would be okay, because it happens to be true in any event. :-)
Hamed Saber 11 years ago
Thanks Garry, and happy Norouz to you too.
I promise to read the blog entry when I come back home ;)
salehoffline 11 years ago
Come on Garry no body says such a thing to kind guy like you.
Sar-Kelandi says in Persian:

Each day of your life be a Norouz (new day)
And your Norouz be always successful

I send my best to every one in the world for Norouz! :-)

see ;)
gwilmore 11 years ago
Thank you for the translation, and thanks also are in order to sar-kelandi for expressing that kind sentiment in the first place. Someday I need to learn Persian so I can read some of those things on my own.

I hope everyone's Norouz is prosperous and full of joy.
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