Farnooshtango 12:23pm, 15 January 2007
Salam all, and greetings.
Please help me on this very difficult issue. I have sent a note to the admins on this newsgroup. Please block this abusive user on newsgroup:
These are my stolen photos photo-shopped to show false and wrong identity. I have reported this issue to Flickr. Please remove this user from Iranian website and kindly watch out for repeated instances as these are my copyrighted photos that have been stolen, harassed and abusive by this person.
Thank you!!
Mandana (on and off) 12 years ago
I agree. I don't want this person in this group.
Hamed Saber 12 years ago
Fortunately the user is completely removed from flickr (instead of just from our group).

Dear Farnoosh, I - as an Iranian - do sorry about what occurred to you.
Farnooshtango 12 years ago
Dear Hamed, thank you. As we have talked, all is well and I am happy to be part of this wonderful group. Best wishes to all! :)
Hamed Saber Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Hamed Saber (admin) 12 years ago
Farnoosh jan,
I've banned new abusive user ( flickr.com/people/yugifarnosh/ ) from our group, and asked flickr staff to remove block it again.
Hamed Saber 12 years ago
It's blocked by flickr staff now!
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