decisive sort [deleted] 1:16am, 18 September 2006
Anousheh Ansari will soon be the first Iranian and also the first female tourist in space.

Check out the CNN Story and then there is her Blog as well.
decisive sort [deleted] 12 years ago
I actually thought this was interesting but I think I'm alone... Oh well...
long-term yard [deleted] 12 years ago
This was a very exciting event. I never watched space launches before this one but, I just had to watch this historical event.
Hamed Saber 12 years ago
I read this topic before, but I think there were no flickr link when I read this. I checked two other links though..

Thank you koko loco for the links. Of course it's so interesting :)
gwilmore Posted 12 years ago. Edited by gwilmore (member) 12 years ago
I knew there was a tourist aboard the ISS, but this is the first time I've heard her name or realized she was Iranian. I looked at one of the above links, and she's lovely. I hope her voyage is safe, pleasant, and memorable. And will she have some stories to tell when she gets home!
long-term yard [deleted] 12 years ago
Great news. She made the return trip back safely. Isn't that wonderful to hear?
decisive sort [deleted] 12 years ago
Well Im glad you guys liked it. Good for her!
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