shaziehgorji 5:42pm, 17 September 2006

Maan thoo karachi pakistan zindeghi mi konam. madar pidaar am az iran haasthan. khodaam ba khaak kar mikonam va mikhawam ba clay artistaa e irani communicate konam. farsi am khayli khoob nist bazaam doost daram wakthe ke mithoonam practice konam:-) if any of you knwo any contemporary potters clay artists ceramists could you request them to get in touch with me. i love iran evn though have never lived there. have visited but its been too long...10 years! also, i belive in iran. they are fearless and true.

looking forward to hearing from you all*~*

Hamed Saber 12 years ago
Hi Shazieh,
I know some clay artist, but they're not internet fans!
Here, i just can introduce you my_mailo, a handicrafts student, who has knowledge of clay too..
shaziehgorji 12 years ago
Thank you for your response. Sorry for taking so very long to write back. Happy Eid to you*~*

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