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Remember to keep this group safe for work! There is another group for your NSFW images:

Also, try to be a little more selective about what you post. You don't need to post evertything you get, just the interesting ones!

Also, check out photoswap restricted!


  • photoswapnsfw

    is this group still existing? flickr sayes, its not available for me...

    marc_sommer36 months ago0 replies

  • Looks like 2.0 may finally be on its way

    Theres a post on twitter by a Tech journalist called Matt Hickey that says hes b...

    photoswapcraig56 months ago10 replies

  • Photoswap server down?

    I can't get no - satisfaction, or, in other words, I can't get no ps-connection....

    Brcd62 months ago3 replies

  • Is it really free ?

    Hi everybody, I bought my iPhone today and I'm testing the photoswap applicatio...

    metaska66 months ago0 replies

  • Phototraders

    For those who already jumped on the bandwagon.

    ///A L M i R66 months ago2 replies

  • PhotoTrader bests Photoswap feature-wise, but...

    It adds: - friends - threads ("exchanges") - adult filtering - text overlay/...

    Liembo66 months ago5 replies

  • Photo Chat

    Anybody tried this yet? It shows a lot of promise, but it needs a random send/re...

    nomaamo66 months ago8 replies

  • True cost of using photoswap

    Does this service use MMS or the internet? Reason I ask, if it uses the interne...

    lcwred67 months ago2 replies

  • Banned or Server Issues

    So I have been banned twice in two days (sending pictures of grass, shadows, str...

    Drundax67 months ago8 replies

  • "2 messages" but only 1 message?

    Today I've been getting a lot of "2 messages", that go away after I click the bu...

    Riksa67 months ago4 replies

  • How do they make their money?

    The "server upgraded" notice made me think: How does the Padadaz team make their...

    P Wood68 months ago2 replies

  • Report abuse

    Anyone else feel that some users are abusing the report button? I have never sen...

    mahcool_198068 months ago62 replies

  • I really hate it when I hit [camera] instead of [reply]

    and totally doosh a wonderful photoversation. Ugh. Never getting it back, either...

    Liembo68 months ago2 replies

  • Is PhotoSwap dead in the water?

    It just seems that they are not interested in developing the application and are...

    st2_guy69 months ago16 replies

  • New User

    So I just got an iphone, a week ago, read about this app today and got all excit...

    J Kelley69 months ago2 replies

  • What exactly is a network error?

    I get these constantly lately! Does it have something to do with being on wi-fi ...

    LOVERIFIC70 months ago5 replies

  • PhotoSwap disservice 07/24/2009

    Does anyone is experiencing problems with PhotoSwap today? I can't get the "Wel...

    xazac70 months ago7 replies

  • banned

    I get the Server Message: Sorry, you were banned from this service. Will I ...

    xxoandy70 months ago14 replies

  • New PhotoSwap group and scavenger hunt site

    I've started up a new effort to have fun with PhotoSwap with themed scavenger hu...

    PhotoSwapJoe71 months ago0 replies

  • Stalling on 3.0

    Just curious to see if anyone is experiencing this problem as well. Whenever ...

    ///A L M i R71 months ago4 replies

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