mrscummings2u 10:53am, 30 January 2014
So excited. My book and first batch of fabric was here when I got home yesterday. Couldn't wait, had to play with the infinite combination possibilities. How fun. I have it cut out, I posted the pic, and will sew together this evening. My husband just looks on in amusement as I act like a kid on Christmas morning who got that dream gift! Thanks for making this very challenging quilt a possibility for a new quilt piecer (is that a word?).
The suspense will kill me waiting for next months arrival.
Hope you all have as much fun as I did with block number 1. Blessings, K.
That is so great! Nothing like fun mail right? I love how you placed the flowers in the middle!
SIMPLESEW 4 years ago

Any word can be made up in Quilting is my rule, its your expression.. Like the word Sewer.. You are excited.. I am having a hard time with the color combos and seeing where its going. But the blocks are doable.. Have Fun, Welcome.. from Shirley at SimpleSew..
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