Gypsy Wife QAL

jessijessibobessi 8:31pm, 24 January 2014
Just double checking that this is the group we post pictures to for the Gypsy Wife QAL.
I notice the group title says Tula Pink QAL.........
Hi Jessi... yep this is the one.
jessijessibobessi 4 years ago
I'm starting to wonder about the colors of the Intense theme.... The sample at sign up showed/stated Figs & Plums......... I'm seeing red and yellow & no figs or plums :(
Hi Jessi,

I am sorry but I did put a list of the colors that I was planning on using and said the figs and plums were the inspiration not the exact fabrics that I was going to use. I am going to put those in as well but we started with the reds and golds. Because the block colors build on themselves. They have to be integrated as we go. If you are unhappy I would be happy to refund your first months fabric and you can cancel. Just email me if you would like to do that.

jessijessibobessi 4 years ago
Oh I know we are going to have mixes and pops of other colors, I was just surprised I guess since these two blocks sit next to eachother in the quilt that they are the same colors (kinda).
I'm not backing out, no way.
Hey Jessi... I had already picked the fabrics for month 3 before you wrote the above but I picked month 4 yesterday and boy are you gonna love 'em... month three was already starting to bring in the fig and plums but 4 is really integrating them... as well as some navy and cocoa... it was so fun to pick them I hope you like them.
antstosugar 4 years ago
Yay! I was getting a little worried, too. I like a little bit of the unexpected, but I did have my heart set on "navy, plum, burgundy, and green." So excited these will make it into the quilt soon. That initial Intense bundle picture really spoke to me!
If you look in my photos you can see some of the ones I picked for month 5... or you can be surprised :)
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