aviva_hadas (Amy) 10:26am, 22 April 2013
Would adding letters from Tula's alphabet be cool? I want to add my name - no letters repeat...
Sixmunchkins PRO 5 years ago
What a neat idea!
bubbabean22 5 years ago
Good idea. I would have to buy that pattern
pattimyself 5 years ago
Well that's good Aviva because I have this pattern so I agree it would be VERY cool. Except my name, unless I just say Pat (which I HATE) would have repeating letters but I don't care.
aviva_hadas (Amy):

You can do whatever you want with your quilt.... Have fun :)
aviva_hadas (Amy) 5 years ago
The letters are 8 inches finished the blocks are 6 inches finished. I'm going to try to draft the letters down to 6...
Sixmunchkins PRO 5 years ago
Maybe stick it in your copier and print it at reduced scale?
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