truly0utrageous 7:40am, 29 June 2008
There's so much out there on flickr, a group like this is a fantastic way to bring together like-minded people to exchange knowledge and ideas, or just provide a place to show off our work. I'm from Melbourne, Australia. I've been working mostly with creating instruments from re-used materials, but am particularly interested in replicating historic brasses - so far, the best I've made is a 17th century natural trumpet. I have managed to collect some interesting instruments along the way too, although I haven't posted many pics as yet. I just moved interstate and alot of my stuff had to stay in storage for the time being. At the moment I'm exploring MIDI and hybrid electroacoustic instruments. Anyway, I don't want to go too long, so let us know who's out there!
flowtik PRO 9 years ago
Glad to find this group. When I was a kid a friend of my parents made folk-instruments in our garage professionally, and obviously some of it must have stuck. I am an amateur horn player, but have made a few seashell trumpets, a 17th century trumpet, a theremin and perhaps a few others I can't remember at the moment. I'll post pictures of them when I trip over them.

Life is busy, but one of my other projects is using computers and electronics to guide performers through performances that might otherwise be near-impossible to perform.

I have a rule that I shouldn't make instruments faster than I can learn to play them, which is why I like the seashell trumpets so much.
human_craig PRO 8 years ago

finally got around to joining. I've been quite busy lately traveling the world and making art.

I make synths and midi controllers and other various pieces of art.
Ruidotronics 8 years ago

I make crafty electronic noise-music oscillators!
I have a weakness for analogic synths and now I make those I call "Ruidotronics", I hope you like them!
If you wanna see a couple of videos, please visit

thank you!
Hope this message finds all of you well! I make hand percussion instruments specializing in shekeres or alt..chekeres. I really enjoying making them, it seems to balance everything out in life. I'm sure a lot of you understand that already being instrument makers. There are some great pictures of everyone's work on this group and hope we continue to post some of these one of a kind musical instruments and keeping this group strong!
Walter Wal Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Walter Wal (member) 4 years ago
What a great group! I make guitar/bass related instruments, from ukuleles up to a double bass, and various odd hybrids in between. I like to experiment with materials and design - my double bass was made using a boat building technique called strip planking.
My guitar/bass hybrid has ten strings - 2 bass, and 8 guitar strings in pairs (like a 12 string guitar). Separate under saddle piezo pickups for bass and guitar, going through a stereo jack which spits to separate amps.
I shot all these photos on a home made large format camera, converted from an overhead projector. I use two lenses - the overhead projector lens, which is very sharp, and a plastic magnifying glass, which isn't!
I expose onto photographic paper which I usually just invert in photoshop to get a positive. One of these days I will make a contact print instead. I am currently gathering up materials and chemistry to start shooting wet-plate collodion. Wish me luck!
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