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wobblyturkey 5:54am, 23 September 2011
Just bringing forward the website list so this Group page can be used as a reference page. If there are more websites I've omitted please add below and I will update it.

Street Photography
Sevensevennine (Nick Turpin):
London Street Photography Festival:
In Public:
Street Photography:
American Suberb X:
Street Reverb Magazine:
Un Posed:
Non Photography:
Street Photographers:
Yanidel Street Photography:
2 point 8:
Public Life:
Street Photography Community:
Everybody Street:
Raw Street Photography:

Henri Cartier- Bresson:
Michael Wolf:
Kim Gotleib- Walker:
Paul Russell:
Nick Turpin:
Matt Stewart:
Mimi Mollica:
Maciej Dakowicz:
Melanie Einzig:
Joel Meyerowitz:
Martin Parr:
Stephen McLaren:
David Gibson:
Nils Jorgensen:

General Photography
London Independent Photography:
Beyond Obvious:
ISO 1200:
World Photography Association:
London Photographic Association:
Photo Evidence:
Royal Photographic Society:

The photographers’ Gallery:
La petite poule noire:
Third Floor Gallery:
The Caravan Gallery:

National Museum of Photography:
Museum of Contemporary Photography:

Photo Agencies
Getty Images:
Associated Press:
Twenty Twenty:

Pressure Groups
Indy Media:
I’m a Photographer not a terrorist:

British Journal of Photography:
New Yorker:
Burn Magazine:

Courses and Education
Photowrap (Mimi Mollica):
OPEN-i (Open Photojournalism Education Network):

Blake Andrews:
Nowhere Man:
New York Photoblog:
The Image Deconstructed:
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Street Photography Community above not to be confused with "our" Year 2 SPNC Community here
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