StephSingerPhotos 11:34pm, 9 April 2013
Hello ! i have a possible COLLABORATION....

I just came across the flirkr page and wanted to mention BitterSuite.

BitterSuite is exploring sensory listening spaces for classical music. Inspired by synesthesia and graphic scores - we want to explore how to get younger audiences actively listening + engaged with classical music. Collaborating with Odette Toilette, The Drink Factory, Creative Nation and more.

As part of this... we are hosting a monthly night where a number of artists from different disciplines come together to create new work inspired by the same piece of music.

From smell artists to mimes, poets to performance artists. This month, May 7th, we are working with this track And I was wondering if anyone as part of this group would be interested in submitting work - prints are payed for by us!

If you're interested in finding out more - let me know,



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