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drewsmuse 2:44pm, 24 January 2007
what is the best live music show you've seen?

mine is Peter Gabriel
Alex(inyoureyes) 11 years ago
Strapping Young Lad + Devin Townsend Band + Zimmer's Hole
drewsmuse 11 years ago
hmmmm.....never heard of them....will have to check it out.
Andrew Pescod PRO 11 years ago
Would have to by Therapy? at the student uni bar in newcastle
peezza82 11 years ago
Pearl Jam, Live in Pistoia september 2006
keldemean 11 years ago
It's a toss up:
Rusted Root at Assumption College in Worcester, MA a few summers ago. Unbelievable energy at that show.

Luka Bloom at McGann's Bar in Boston four years ago or so. He stared at me throughout the show. My husband whispered to me at one point, "WHY is he staring at YOU?" I have no idea why I only know I fell in love...
Dunja0712 9 years ago
Prodigy at the EXIT Festival 2007, Ministry at the EXIT Festival 2008, Kraftwerk at the EXIT Festival 2009, Iron Maiden in Belgrade 2007, Machine Head in Belgrade 2004.
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