Rules update

Andrew Pescod PRO 8:57am, 23 September 2006
We’ve recently found quite a few posts which don't relate to music and don't fit the group. As a result of this we have decided to do something about this, and have updated our rules. : -

The first is that I've limit the number of posts per person to only 4 posts per day, this is being limited by a new flickr admin feature so it shouldn’t be an issue.

The other is to comment on at least one other picture in the group once you post a photo, including the HTML link on the bottom of the main page. The idea of this is to try and create a community feel and to encourage new members into the group.

Only post pictures which are inspired by music and please label your posts with the musical aspect which inspired you about your shot (Band name, album, song tile, Lyrics). If the musical link is unclear we will delete your post.

If your Photo is deleted for what ever reason please don't feel offended, as it is not a reflection on the quality of your picture, it just that we don't feel it fits into the group rules.

If you feel the picture does meet the group rules then you are free to re-post your picture but please add some supporting text in the description relating it to music to stop it being deleted again...
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