transvox PRO 9:34am, 17 September 2006
Can anyone help me with the artist and the lyrics.

It's current song. I just can't remember the details
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
Hi transvox, I'm guessing theres a link missing from the above post? Or Do you have a link to the song?
transvox PRO 12 years ago
Ops! I meant the title of my posting : I-think-I'm-crazy.....
belindakelle 12 years ago
There are several new songs out..
Crazy by Gnarls Barkley.. It's a new one.. as well as Chamillionare - Think I'm crazy.. Type the lyrics into a search engine and it will pop up.. For instance. " I think I'm crazy lyrics.. that should help you out
transvox PRO 12 years ago
That it. Thanks belindakelle. I can correct the tilte also.
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