Andrew Pescod PRO 8:47pm, 7 August 2006
We all like to let our hair down now and again, but what songs/ bands do you like to "rock" to?
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
Currently for me it has to be Muse and there new Album, some of the tracks really great to let your hair down to.

If not muse then I would have to go back to old favourites like Nightwish, Lostprophets (first Album) and Linkin Park
L ucille 12 years ago
well when I hear 'jet-are you gonna be my girl' I just can't stand still. and I just visited the music-festival Lowlands (muse was also playing there by the way:)) and when the Arctic Monkeys where playing , everyone was just rocking his socks of! haha. I also like the hyperactive music of 'voicst', mostly known in Holland. But most of the time I'm more into the more 'softer' singer-songwriter-music.
Macho Man Andy Savage 12 years ago
If i'm gonna rock, at the mo it might be Clutch! i doubt everyone's heard of them though.
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
I have, but I can't name one of there songs of hand :( but I've defenetly heard of them
Micky** PRO 12 years ago
The Cranberries..Zombie
Dr Karanka Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Dr Karanka (member) 12 years ago
Fugazi, Sonic Youth, Tiamat, Tool... :-)

I just found this group after making my set of photos inspired by rock songs. I find it a bit disappointing though, that most of the pictures in the pool are not referencing anything. I was expecting a bit more of direct musical references.
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
Mr Karanka were working on it : )
loonatic 12 years ago
If I really want to be fed with energy and have an outlet for all things positive aggression as of lately i blast some Heaven Shall Burn. Normally i'm not into the grunty stuff, but just love the totally blunt effect of them :)
Muse, yeah, their Lowlands gig was absolutely great, as was Placebo and numerous other bands.
I knew i just can't name one particular band/song tho :)
ollily 12 years ago
what works at the moment, Ben Folds, again...
Giampaolo Macorig 12 years ago
"Queen of the stone age", "at the drive inn", "System of a down".... for the moment i remember these :)
moonlit glow 12 years ago
I like everything except for yelling... I usually cannot tolerate those ones.
exoskull Posted 12 years ago. Edited by exoskull (member) 12 years ago
Ani DiFranco
Maria Mena
Ryan Adams
Joe Henry (my new obsession)
Jefferson Airplane

..anything :)
Robertson the Bruce PRO 12 years ago
in the basement with my son doing cheesy oasis and beatles covers :~)

other spaces lately it's been split enz and train.
Marcelo Jhonas 12 years ago
Pearl Jam, Ramones, Alice in Chains, Beatles, Helmet, Smashing Pumpkins, Man or Astro-man? .......
aixcracker PRO 12 years ago
AC/DC - The Rolling Stones - Clash - Black Uhuru - John Lee Hooker and quite many others also. But it does depend on the mood.
belindakelle Posted 12 years ago. Edited by belindakelle (admin) 12 years ago
I love all music... but I went and thought of some of the songs that no matter where I am... I crank it up.. If I'm alone in the truck... It's time for blaring and the windows down... these songs make me feel good.. no matter what... My " Rockin" songs... but these are only a few...

Next Contestant - Nickelback
Tainted Love - Marlyn Manson
Shake that - Eminem
Promised Land - Elvis
Dragula - Rob Zombie ( I love to drag race to this song)
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
Jukebox Hero - Foreigner
BreeWalk 12 years ago
there is nothing better than rocking out to some live Etta James and if im feeling funky i've gotta go with Primus...
devilish sponge [deleted] 11 years ago
I'm the member number 666. See my profile to check how do I rock.
I dig also Lordi! ;-)
JasonLangheine 11 years ago
for me it depends on my mood and my environment, i try to pick music that is just right for whats going on around me or how i the score to a movie. :)

man, i just tried to make a list of songs, but it is just annoyingly long. here's some artists instead...

red hot chili peppers, modest mouse, (dman is right) most anything by primus, ani difranco, radiohead, Black Star, Mos Def, dead prez, Gang Starr, Ghostface Killah, Led Zeppelin, Amy Winehouse, White Stripes, Tricky, Massive Attack, Tool, DJ Shadow
dope_transmissions 11 years ago
Eels and sublime
any kind of Celtic music or bagpipes... just kidding.

I guess I'd have to say Kelly Clarkson's Since You've Been Gone
keldemean 11 years ago
Led Zeppelin IV
One must "get the Led out" while one cleans the house.
Ameliepie 11 years ago
System of a Down for sure!!!
belindakelle 11 years ago
I rock out singing atm to A Fine Frenzy.. almost lover...
but Can't overlook Tantric... great to get you motivated..
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