Andrew Pescod PRO 8:58am, 2 July 2006
Ok so were going to start a new regulary competition where you get to choose the title, but to do that you need to win : )

The rules are that we ( or a previous winner) select a song title, for you to match a photograph to, Simple : )

The Winner will be the one who gets the best shot to match the title and will then get to choose the song title for the following competition.

task: Nice and easy for the first competion, we would like you to post a photo for U2's Beautiful day
Length: two Weeks
Competition Start: July 2nd 2006
Competition End: July 15th 2006
How many: 1 per person
Title: Please add one
Description: Please add one
how to post:
Just click on your photo in your photo stream. Top right it should say "all sizes". Click that and choose medium. Scroll down the page and click in the second box (HTML). The text in there will get marked. To copy you can use Ctrl+C. When you get back here select reply to topic. In the box that you would write in place your curser in that box. Paste by using Ctrl+V. A bunch of letters will come up. Don't worry about it, that is the code for your picture. Now just click the post now button and your picture should be there. If any members want to comment on any photo they can click on the photo and this will take them right to the photographers page where they can leave a comment.

The winners

First place goes to Take a long nap / beautiful day by Kriko

take a long nap / beautiful day

Second Place goes to Verano by Moucho negro

Third place Goes to Glitter by CWs photos


Thank you to all who have taken part, I will post the new competition shortly. The winner of this competition will be contacted shortly about choosing the title for 3rd competition.
princessbren2006 12 years ago
can it be a photo taken at anytime? cause the weather here sucks at the moment and will be hard to take a beautiful day pic
Andrew Pescod PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Andrew Pescod (admin) 12 years ago
yes it can princessbren, when it was taken is not an issue as long as it fits in with the title
LilBtch PRO 12 years ago
This sounds like fun. Here's my entry.
Morning Moisture
level pipe [deleted] 12 years ago
princessbren2006 12 years ago
A beautiful Day
moucho_negro Posted 12 years ago. Edited by moucho_negro (member) 12 years ago
Peace (or a Starway to heaven)

Scott Dungan PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Scott Dungan (admin) 12 years ago
Beautiful Day!
Zenith Phuong 12 years ago
enjoy the blue sky
Cw'sPhOtOs 12 years ago
Its a beautiful day when I took this pic!!!
TheLizardQueen 12 years ago
oldbrushes 12 years ago
KriKo 12 years ago
I posted this picture in the pool yesterday linked to a Flaming Lips song, but it's obvious it wàs a beautiful day...
take a long nap / beautiful day
quick dinner [deleted] 12 years ago
wavy reflections at  marina
skapoentje 12 years ago
Yellow Tree Spirits (rescanned)
22andi75 PRO 12 years ago
setting sun
♫ DeeVah ♫ PRO 12 years ago
My favorite tree
Mono Andes PRO 12 years ago
cumbre cerro Colorado
fuzzy judge [deleted] 12 years ago
Morning clean up
bryzee 12 years ago
Another beautiful day is nearly over.

Lone seagull
inquisitive hope [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by inquisitive hope (member) 12 years ago
I generally don't care at all for competitions, but this sounded like fun more than competitive.

Might I suggest that you add the lyrics to the song for each competition in your instructions? Although I can sing along, I often have to look them up, because I know I'm making up words...:P :)

L ucille 12 years ago
Good day Sunshine
waving my beautiful grandmother goodbye at the end of a beautiful day:)
slippay 12 years ago
Early morning sunshine....
Dawn's early light 2
Totte. 12 years ago
Beautiful day
certified su PRO 12 years ago
"I know I'm not a hopeless case "

I read the lyrics and this is a picture that to me, depicts a parallel to the meaning of the verse
-murilo- 12 years ago
A beautiful day begins with a beautiful sunrise.
Sun over S. José dos Campos
Andrew Pescod PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Andrew Pescod (admin) 12 years ago
Thank you to every one who entered, this contest is now closed
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