Scott Dungan PRO 4:04am, 27 June 2006
The rules are simple:
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Thank you for participating:)

Here is mine to start:

Drummer B&W
inquisitive hope [deleted] 12 years ago
"Grizabella the Glamour Cat" from the musical "Cats."

L ucille Posted 12 years ago. Edited by L ucille (member) 12 years ago
Roll over dj
roll over dj-jet (mind the headphones)
Infinity Rain 12 years ago
Here is mine :)
Bad Horsie ~Steve Vai~
TheLizardQueen Posted 12 years ago. Edited by TheLizardQueen (member) 12 years ago
Shame, I can't really remember much about this gig (trashed & nearly 20 years ago, doh!) but I had loads of half decent photos, which surprised even me when I developed the film! I had forgotten my flash gun so these were with 400 film in a night club ;0)

Band called 'The Men from Om'
Pockafwye 12 years ago
Mirror man, mirror woman

Every Day Is Halloween - Ministry

well any time, any place, anywhere that I go
all the people seem to stop and stare
they say 'why are you dressed like it's halloween?
you look so absurd, you look so obscene!'

o, why can't I live a life for me?
why should I take the abuse that's served?
why can't they see they're just like me
it's the same, it's the same in the whole wide world
TheLizardQueen 12 years ago
A friends band called "The B-days". Long since disbanded.
Big Al ( used to play keyboards before the new lead singer joined...

B-days 87
impossible reward [deleted] 12 years ago
Really Free

And here is John Otway live in Chapter Arts Centre big stage, I played in the small bar with the B Days above, John had hits in the uk in 1978, 1980 and a couple of years ago, good bloke, mad as 10 bears.
detailed thunder [deleted] 12 years ago
Nest - rapper, hip-hop performer, and a good friend also.

Nest (cool release)
Scott Dungan PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Scott Dungan (admin) 12 years ago
Ocean of Life
Ocean Of Life - Cambria - California
i am riding on the screen name carousel Posted 12 years ago. Edited by i am riding on the screen name carousel (member) 12 years ago
"Ring of Fire"

Ring of Fire

A friendly street performer plays "Ring of Fire" in Atlantic City, NJ.
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