Andrew Pescod PRO 8:54pm, 28 May 2006
What was the last album you bought for you, and why did you want to buy it?

Also what do you think of it now that you've got it?

This is a disscussion we can post at different times so I'm only going to keep this open for a week.
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
My last Album I bought was Funeral for a friend's hours, I heard some of there last stuff and wasn't too fussed about it, around this time last year, I saw them live at the download festival, and thought they were pretty cool. During the last year there stuff has been played quite regally and I've been tempted to get there album. Last week I saw it was offer so I bought it.

Its been on repeat ever since, I love it ( Although I hoped it would be a little heavier at times) Its emo rock at its best, and I would recommend any one who’s into rock and metal to listen to them.
Scott Dungan PRO 12 years ago
I usually buy my music from itunes. So the last real cd I bought was last fall. Its Lifesong by Casting Crowns. Its now in the mix with U2, Ricky Skaggs, coldplay and Dave Mathews among others.
noviKorisnik 12 years ago
I became an internet radio addict - fills my musical needs.

* currently listening to Miles Davis - Maiysha (from Agharta album)
amazing toy [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by amazing toy (member) 12 years ago
Oh the last one I bought was an Album of Ozymandias. it is called Isolement. It is great Piano Music. I bought it at ebay. I have had an cassette with some songs of this album, and i loved it. ....
It is still one of my favourite albums.
L ucille 12 years ago
bloc party-silent alarm and spinvis-spinvis(dutch singer-songwriter)
inquisitive hope [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by inquisitive hope (member) 12 years ago
Last album I purchased was a compliation of classical piano music called "Fur Elise." Schubert, Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms, etc. Its lovely.
Macho Man Andy Savage 12 years ago
between those dates, Minnie Riperton, can't remember the name of the album, somethung about angels and fairies of something. But that was for my girlfriend. I do own a copy too but it is a copy. it's pretty good tho, think it's from the 70's.
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
thank you all for contributing to this topic, theres some intresting albums.

I'll re-run this topic again at some point.

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