Scott Dungan PRO 4:42am, 13 May 2006

Thanks for creating this group.

Ran_ PRO 12 years ago
Thanks Andrew and thank you Scott for the invite :)
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
Thank you Scott and Randy for joining
*langga_kita* 12 years ago
thanks for the invite! it sure is a fun group!
killifish100 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite Andrew!
shanerhyne 12 years ago
Hello, I just learned about this group this morning from the World Through My Eyes group. Thanks for creating this. I had been thinking for a while that it would be a fun learning project for me to take a favorite album or song and try to capture in photos a series of pictures that best represents to me the theme or lyrics of the song. Now, all I have to do is grab the camera and get started.
Scott Dungan PRO 12 years ago
I'm glad everyone is enjoying the group. Keep the pictures coming:) Don't forget to comment.... and invite your friends.
-lecheel- 12 years ago
thanksScott for the invite another great group^^
mliebenberg PRO 12 years ago
Thanks for the invite Scott... This group is a great idea!
Andrew Pescod PRO 12 years ago
thank you to everyone whos joined and your kind word's and photos, we'd just started the group its you that makes it great :)

As scott said please invite your fiends and dont forget to comment : )
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