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The difference between Insect Photography and Insect Close-Ups is that Insect Photography allows all photos of insects, whether they are up close or in a distance when you are photographing. Insect Close-Ups only allows close-ups and macros of insects. Over 28,000 members and over 662,000 items.


  • STICKY  Rules

    Rules for this group: Real insects that are alive and resting on flowers, trees...

    Chrisser13 months ago14 replies

  • STICKY  Favorite Photos of Insects!

    Post your favorite photo of an insect that you have taken in the last month!

    Glenna Faith43 months ago98 replies

  • STICKY  Group Layout Changed

    Just to let others know, the layout for groups has changed. We won't be able to ...

    Chrisser79 months ago1 replies


    For people that are interested in insect photography and identification, check t...

    NatureFreak0781 months ago10 replies

  • STICKY  Wasp Attack

    Hi all, I have just spent some time watching wasps hunting in my fr...

    fishandsnap89 months ago12 replies

  • Bienvenue .

    Bonjour à Tous . Et à bientôt dans votre groupe . Amicalement ... jack.H59...

    jack.H5918 months ago0 replies

  • Insect ID

    Hi I've seen this insect in the cloud forest in Ecuador and I was wondering if a...

    Albert Michaud43 months ago6 replies

  • Point and shoot.

    Does anyone know of a good point and shoot camera that is capable of getting goo...

    richardmoore9444 months ago2 replies

  • New member

    Hi Everone I am photography hobbyist from Finland. My passion is take photos ...

    Photo_froodo51 months ago0 replies

  • help with spider ID

    green spider It looks like a Green lynx spider. but photo was taken in thailand and the G...

    la-ong53 months ago2 replies

  • spider

    looking to know if anyone know what type of spider is this?

    KILLER M6054 months ago1 replies

  • Ian of Oldham

    Hi , I am very new to the insect world so any help that you can give I am thank ...

    ian of Oldham56 months ago0 replies

  • Just joined

    Hi to you people My name is Ian and I am very new to the Insect world, so if I n...

    ian of Oldham56 months ago0 replies

  • Macro Learner

    Hi All, I am new here and macro photography is a newly found passion. I have...

    Arvind_S59 months ago2 replies

  • New to group

    I am new to photography and new to this group! I love birds and have been tryin...

    tina_hyrkas59 months ago0 replies

  • New to flickr and photography

    I have recently started photography and would like some pointers and tips. I hav...

    d.allibone_d320066 months ago3 replies

  • What's an insect?

    Without thinking about it I just added a couple of photos of non-insect subjects...

    Muchos insectos73 months ago1 replies

  • product Feature Survey - Macro adaptable lighting product

    Hello, I am a product designer at Bournemouth University developing my final ...

    samgphoto776 months ago0 replies

  • ID please?

    Could someone please identify this dragonfly? Taken in Peterborough, England,...

    PhasmatosOculus80 months ago0 replies

  • Flight

    Interested to see others pix! (pix of insects in flight) Flight of The Bumble Bee Title: Flight of ...

    C A Jacobsen81 months ago4 replies

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