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Chrisser ADMIN April 8, 2007
The Organize option is the best option for sending multiple photos to the Insect Close-Ups group. Click on Organize, then onto the Groups tab, scroll down to the Insect Close-Ups group name, then to either the photostream or to the photoset with all your insect close-ups and macros, highlight those photos, and then drag them over top of the Insect Close-Ups group.
Explore posters, because they have a lot of other photos, are not permitted here.

Group Description

Optional: To link back to the group when commenting on other photos, highlight, right-click, select Copy, go to the photo you wish to comment on, right-click and select Paste to add the following HTML code into your comments:

Seen in the <a href="">Insect Close-Ups</a> group.

Optional: To invite others to the group:

You are invited to join the <a href="">Insect Close-Ups</a> group.

Any close-up photos of insects, even those of insects losing battles with spiders. Larvae of any kind, including caterpillars, go ahead and post. And the same with close-ups of insect nests with or without insects. And also videos within the group rules and up to 90 seconds now permitted.

No limit for adding photos or videos, but don't post hundreds at once in the pool - four to six at once. Let others have a chance to post a small bunch of photos and videos before you post another small bunch of photos and videos. The limit for this group doesn't ever change as long as I am still part of this group and as the original starting admin.

Junk comments, including anything obscene, are not allowed. Also, NO nudity and pornography photos will be permitted. Only Safe items are permitted. Off-topic discussions like religion, politics or violent crimes will NOT be accepted - they will be immediately deleted without warning. Those in the Administration are not allowed to be blocked. Anybody disobeying these rules will be in trouble. And members whose photos and videos are those stolen from other sources will be banned and not allowed back in. These are STRICT rules.

Mosaics, two-in-one photos, Photoshop modified, scanned Polaroids and panoramics are also permitted here. Even creations using Insect close-ups and macros in Dumpr, Flickr Toys and Picnik are welcome.

This group doesn't have themes by the week, month or year, ever.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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