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Marit Welker Photography ADMIN July 22, 2013
PLEASE CONSIDER ALL VIEWERS WHEN POSTING! No topless girls. No bikini clad teens or women. No teens looking sexy. No violence or blood. No snapshots.

We are looking for quality images only that celebrate innocence. Watch your artistic quality and lighting. Be creative and show good technique in lighting and color correction before submitting. Thank you!

Group Description

This is a page for images that celebrate innocence. Beautiful landscapes that are untouched by human efforts, animals in their natural habitat, children and families interacting. This is not a place for fun snapshots. There are other great groups for sharing fun pictures of cute babies and pets. This is a place to share quality images only, regardless of how darling your content is. Also, images that show little or medium girls who are topless will not be allowed. Images that show religious content are not thereby innocent and should not be construed as such just for religion's sake. I am highly religious but respect that others may not be and most of all that others have their own religions around the world and I want equal deference to all. Seeing a depiction of Jesus on a cross with all the attendant violence is not construed as innocent to all of the audience here and this is not the place for such images. No violence or blood, even in animal images. No teen models looking sexy. No scantily clad women or old men looking distracted. I am sorry for my rant, but I have found some disturbing images here. I have edited out many shots and hope you will edit before you apply. PLEASE. thank you for your continued support.


Quality pictures of children that celebrate innocence are eagerly accepted. Other Images that capture innocence are also considered. Creative post-processing is certainly allowed as long as it enhances and does not distract from innocence and from the image.

Quality Requirements
Only quality images accepted. No snapshots. Images that have strong shadows from indoor flash use, or backgrounds that distract from the important image will not be considered even if the child or content is perfectly suitable. We are trying to set a higher standard as we aspire to be better photographers. IT isn't supreme content that this site is looking for. We want exceptional quality of lighting, color, composition, overall artistic quality as well as content that celebrates innocence. All of these things must be present. Please do NOT be offended if your shot is not accepted. It may just not be the best fit for this group. Try again, and we do appreciate your support of this group!

We are not looking for a cute shot of a child, but we are looking for an artistic or quality shot of an innocent person, place, or thing, and children seem to fit the bill most often. We are strict on requiring good lighting, decent composition, quality control of depth of field, and color, black and white, or sepia used in appropriate ways. If your image has flat overhead lighting, it will probably be rejected.

(We want pictures that have been taken by you so we don't allow shots taken many years ago. We assume that the photographer is not the submitter when a shot is from 1902 for example...)

This page is available in Spanish if that is closer to your language. Find the Espanol button at the very bottom of this page and click there to temporarily have all flickr translated into that language. Thanks.

This is designed to be a world wide group so please feel free to join and include your shots and comments, even if you don't speak English or Spanish very well or at all. We feel your good intent and encouragement even if we do not speak the same languages. No need to apologize that you do not speak English. I am sorry I do not speak your language.

Occasionally we have a theme contest. We invite each of you to enter your best shot that captures innocence and whatever that theme is. If you enter, we require that you also vote on the contest, as well. You may vote for any except your own. You will choose a first, second and third place photo and then points will be tallied to choose the winner. In the case of a tie or discrepancy, the admin will make all decisions which will be final.

You do not need to enter in the contest to vote, but the entries are excellent and we encourage all to take a look.

Special Awards
Contest Winners will receive a special award for their winning images. However we have another special award each month as well.

It is the admin's choice award. It is given to those photos and images that best portray innocence with the highest standards of artistic and phtographic quality. Of course, this is the opinion of the admins, so it is highly subjective. And it is very difficult to decide when there are so many great photos in our group each month. If you didn't receive this award for a photo that you think should have, know that you may have been considered extensively. However, there are only a few awarded each season and there are many photos entered each month.


Award and Invite Code

For invites and comments, please copy and paste the code between the lines:


<b>Congratulations! This excellent image captures the Face of Innocence. </b>

<a href=""> <img src="" width="100" height="100" />
The Face of Innocence (p1,i1,c1)</a>


It will display like this.

Congratulations! This excellent image captures the Face of Innocence.

The Face of Innocence (p1,i1,c1)

philosophy of the admin
Again, please be patient with the administration. I do not desire to offend ANYONE and I am new to this. We are all learning together. My opinion is not always right, but it is my opinion and right now it is my group. Please help make this your group as well by commenting in discussions or adding posts. We are happy to have 4-5 moderators or co-admins who agree with the philosophy of this group. If you are interested, please contact the admin. As the group grows, there will be new admins, more contests, and perhaps different philosophies to facilitate dynamic group changes. Hopefully we will one day see 20,000 members.


For the Month of February, the following were some of the best shots in the opinion of the admins. Of course different opinions vary and there were so many good shots we couldn't choose them all!

Feel free to click on the following images and comment on your favorites and leave them your encouragement. Maybe your photo will be here next month?

Anyone Have a Hanky?
Wishes by Michelle Walker
Emma Princess Dancing in the Grass
Amor de mãe
Celebrate your love!

there are a few others who did not yet respond to their invitation. These spots are for them. Check and see if you got the invite on any of your pictures.


Of course, we couldn't pick all of the best, but these were among the best. I hope you liked them, too.

Group Rules

-For each picture submitted, please comment on one picture already in the group and invite one to the group using the provided code.

-When leaving comments, please describe what is good or, with a positive emphasis, what can be even better. Make sure the photographer will feel good after reading your comment.

-No nudity of any kind.

-Nothing sexual, violent or suggestive of such things. This group focuses on innocence only. We prefer no emphasis on religion, politics, or anything commercial or advertising. This group seeks a world wide diversity so some religion and politics will be seen in the photos, but it is not to be the primary theme of the photograph.

-We seek the best in quality photos. Indoor flash photography must not have harsh shadows. We may love the content of the photo, but if it is snapshot quality, it does not belong here despite how adorable the child is, or how great the expression captured.

-If the photo is top quality but doesn't showcase innocence in an obvious way, we won't allow it either. The decision is entirely up to the discretion of the administration.

-If photos do not fit the needs or specifications of this group, they will not be approved. Please do NOT be offended and do keep submitting work. If your first attempt is not accepted please keep trying.

-We are trying to showcase innocence. The subject of our photos need not be children. Animals, pristine nature, family relationships can all show this innocence. Our opinion of innocence may not agree with yours, so forgive us, but the administration is trying to be consistent. Children of course, can make an ideal subject, however, if the content and style of the photo are in keeping with innocence.

-Photos should be taken by you or of you. Please, no photos taken by other photographers or ancient photos. There are other sites for them. Thank you.

-The admins reserve the right to ban anyone they feel is not an asset to this group at any time and for any reason. (this will not be abused, but we state the right to avoid perverts and predators, or anyone that we may suspect of being mean spirited in their comments, photos, or viewing habits.)

-Only 3 photos may be submitted per day.

-Thank you and have fun.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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