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The theme for this week's challenge is CREATIVE EXPOSURE.

The exposure meter in our cameras is helpful for quickly determining the appropriate exposure for an image under most normal circumstances. What do you do when you are faced with a lighting scenario that is out of the ordinary - snow, a bright sky, a canyon with dark shadows, a window? These variances in light limit the ability of the camera's expose meter to help you capture the photo that you want in Auto mode.

Understanding how exposure affects your image will help you to create photos that are striking and more interesting.

Underexposure creates richer, saturated colors. Shadows details are reduced and highlight details are enhanced. Underexposure also tends to increase contrast. A degree of underexposure creates images that are more dramatic with bolder and richer colors.

Overexposure decreases color saturation. It increases the details in shadow and decreases highlight details. Overexposure also typically decreases contrast. A degree of overexposure creates softer, more romantic images and creates more flattering skin tones in portraits.

In order to see the differences for yourself, this week's assignment on CREATIVE EXPOSURE involves bracketing.

1) Identify your subject and then use your exposure meter to determine 'proper' exposure according to your camera.
2) Take a photo at the camera's indicated exposure.
3) Take four more photos decreasing the exposure a half-stop each time.
4) Take two more photos increasing each of the exposures by a half-stop over the original exposure.

Share your favorite photo from the set with us here and let us know which one of the exposures that you preferred.

Don't know how to post them on Flickr? Here's how.
9:50AM, 27 January 2015 PDT (permalink)

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