Indy Photo Coach 11:52pm, 11 January 2015
Baby it's cold outside!

Most DSLR cameras are designed for use in moderate temperatures. As our outdoor temps fall our cameras become more susceptible to damage. Here are three tips to help protect your camera and still get those beautiful winter shots.

1.Keep your camera and accessories well padded. Plastic and glass become more brittle in cold temperatures and can easily break.

2. Take along spare batteries. The life of most batteries declines as it gets colder. Keep your spares warm until you need them.

3. Ease your camera back into the warmth gradually. Separate your camera and lens. Then, put each of them in plastic bags and seal. Leave them in the garage or other protected cold space for a couple of hours before transitioning them into the full warmth of indoors.

This week's challenge: COLD

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Helen Indy PRO 3 years ago
Beautiful sunset after the snow
Central State 02
Indianapolis Indiana White River Parkway ... Frozen
Groups Beta