Indy Photo Coach 10:47pm, 4 September 2013
Sky in Windows by radarbrat photography

Windows can be photographed in all sorts of creative ways. They can be the subject of a photograph or they can provide interesting visual effects that augment the subject of a photograph. This week we will do the latter and capture an image through a window.

Shooting through a window can be tricky. Reflections can be difficult to overcome and the different amounts of available light between indoors and outdoors often exceeds what the camera is capable of capturing. Here are a couple of tips for how to deal with those challenges:


• A "Polarzing" lens filter can greatly reduce reflections in glass.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques can be used to compensate for the dramatic differences in available light indoors vs. outdoors. Even on a cloudy day, the light outside is much brighter than indoors making it nearly impossible to see both an indoor room and the outdoors through a window without utilizing a technique like HDR.


1) Capture any subject through a window.
2) Be creative in your presentation taking into account some of the pitfalls mentioned above.
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Window Reflections

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Window on WillowBrook mill house

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Chase Building
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bank color
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Colts Stadium
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