billowy income [deleted] 12:42am, 16 January 2013
I was thinkin about this group later today not being part of it for a while. I actually attended one of the 1st classes they had back in 08. So who still around from the beginning of IPC
moostang78 6 years ago
Me me me!!!
billowy income [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by billowy income (member) 6 years ago
well that makes 2 of us :) i took several classes the 1st 2 years also to compliment NYIP course as well. The classes i took helped me with the home school course i was involved in. Had some really good instructors as well. I have no idea whos there now do you!
Miya its always good to hear from you as well :)
ndawg_19 5 years ago
I'm still around as well.
Robin's Nesting Place 5 years ago
I took a Fundamentals class in Sept. 09. Hard to believe it has been that long!
billowy income [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by billowy income (member) 5 years ago
Does anyone remember who the original Instructors were back then? Also who went on the excursion in brown county in 08? If i remember right Miya was there to.
bethannbud 5 years ago
John Perez was the Brown County instructor. David Horton was also likely an instructor, and he is the owner of Indy Photo Coach. They are both still a part of Indy Photo Coach.
billowy income [deleted] Posted 5 years ago. Edited by billowy income (member) 5 years ago
Yep i know the 2 of them and John's classes are remarkable especially his creative class. My 1st ever class was with David Horton in the beginners class back in 2008. I enjoyed john's all day brown county excursion. a lot of the originals went on that excursion as well
I sat next to you in the beginers class with David at the coffee shop.
moostang78 5 years ago
I had David Horton for both fundamentals and experienced. Then John Perez for Brown County and another guy for a different class (can't remember what it was) but he was really cool.....obviously not cool enough to remember his name though :) Great group and sooooo glad it all started in Indianapolis!
bethannbud 5 years ago
It was probably Jeff, Miya.
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