Indy Photo Coach 9:09pm, 11 December 2012
Bokeh Tree_

For this week's challenge show us your best Christmas tree shot!

Post your results here and they may end up in one of our newsletters!

Written by Trevor Warren

Pami N 6 years ago
Our daughter's own Christmas tree! :)
Christmas Magic!01logo
MWPImages 6 years ago
O Apple Tree, O Apple Tree
MWPImages 6 years ago
All I Want for Christmas
Ella P Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Ella P (member) 6 years ago
Do You Believe?

enormous street [deleted] 6 years ago
bfafi 6 years ago
Helen Indy PRO 6 years ago
Christmas Tree
moostang78 6 years ago
My #little #christmas #tree

My tiny christmas tree. I love it!
RLChambon 6 years ago
Denise Lundy PRO 6 years ago
PS Elements 10 Fun
What do you do when you work at a school and there's a school day cancellation due to bad weather? If you're also a photographer you play with pictures and software, that's what. This is my granddaughter...twinned in PS Elements :o)
Robin's Nesting Place 6 years ago
billowy income [deleted] 6 years ago
In celebration of the Irish going to the national championship We made an Irish tree for Christmas :)
Irish christmas-4
Brian.Hartman 6 years ago
Christmas Bokeh
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