Indy Photo Coach 7:20pm, 11 October 2012
Peeking Thru

This is a magical time of the year however many photographers find themselves disappointed with their fall foliage photos because they lack the color they saw with their eyes. To make your photos look closer to the way your eyes saw the scene here are a couple of tips:

1) Use a Polarizing Filter
Your fall color photos lack saturated color because of the light being reflected off of the leaves. Your eyes see through this, but your camera does not. Using a polarizing filter reduces the reflections and allows the colors to come through.

2) Adjust Your White Balance Setting
Using a warmer white balance saturates the earth tones so the red, orange, brown and yellow colors look more natural.


On your next fall color photo trip, use a polarizing filter and notice how the colors become brighter as you rotate the filter. Experiment with your white balance settings by shooting the same photo using both the Cloudy and Shady settings. Notice the subtle color changes between the two settings.

Have fun!

Written by Ron Kness
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South Hendricks County

County Road Lake
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Fall In Love......
"Before you were born.................I loved you."
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The Bridges of Marion County ;)
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Early Morning
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TC Steele estate and historic site
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TC Steele estate and historic site - 2
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I'm finding fall color is hard to come by in south-central Texas, but I managed to discover Lost Maples State Recreational Area recently. It's almost like being back home!
Fall Foliage
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