Indy Photo Coach 12:31am, 12 July 2012

Architectural photography is a very broad genre that ranges from real estate snapshots to dynamic abstract art. Despite the many variations, one thing most architecture images do attempt to do is highlight the grandeur of subject. Sometimes the historical/cultural significance is what draws you in and sometimes it's simply the uniqueness and intricate details of a structure (particularly modern architecture).


1) Photograph architecture in either an urban or rural setting.

2) Try different ways of composing the (i.e. more or less of the surroundings) to see which has the most impact.

Written by Trevor Warren

GeoffC3100 PRO 6 years ago
Cloud Gate

Chicago Skyline
jlcinnamon 6 years ago
Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore
jlcinnamon 6 years ago
Singapore Shopping Mall
Helen Indy PRO 6 years ago
Marriott Indy
GeoffC3100 PRO 6 years ago
Oliver P. Morton
Aaron J Photography 6 years ago
Gothic Church B&W
GeoffC3100 PRO 6 years ago
James Cormack 6 years ago
Any Old Iron
lisajcupcakes 6 years ago
James Cormack 6 years ago
jengledow PRO 6 years ago
IMG_3479 by jengledow
GeoffC3100 PRO 6 years ago
kristabrown 6 years ago
Pentax K1000
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