Indy Photo Coach 9:25pm, 23 May 2012
Through the Lens

Self portraits are a great way to practice your skills because you're always with you. For this challenge take a new self portrait.

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Written by Trevor Warren

moostang78 6 years ago
I LOVE self portrait time!!
Imamiracle 6 years ago
Self Portrait
rmshaffer 6 years ago
Day 146 of 366--Self Portrait
Images by Syl 6 years ago
syl peace 2
self portrait at the Children's Museum
Kristal*Sky 6 years ago
Self Portrait
moostang78 6 years ago
Very cool Kristal.
Kristal*Sky 6 years ago
Thank you :)
susankay49 6 years ago
Denise Lundy PRO 6 years ago
Even though I own reflectors of just about every size, I happen to have this white laundry basket close by, so I used it as a fill light reflector. Main light was a 580 EXll in a beauty dish. The backdrop was just the curtain hanging in the window.

Day 50: Portrait Lighting Practice
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