Indy Photo Coach 7:38pm, 29 February 2012
Are you EYEing my Baguette sucker?       Touche pas à ma baguette conard!!!

Sometimes it's fun to break the rules. This week's challenge is to take a portrait using a wide angle lens (focal length less than 28mm). If you still have the kit lens that came with your camera it should be perfect! A fisheye lens is not required.

Set your lens as wide as possible and then get close to your subject!

Post your best wide angle shot and it may end up in next week's newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren

Denise Lundy PRO 6 years ago
Day 60: Wide Angle 1
Denise Lundy PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Denise Lundy (member) 6 years ago
Day 60: Wide Angle 2

I don't use my wide angle lens very often, but maybe I should. It's fun to see what happens with the distortion. Man I have big feet!
radarbrat photography 6 years ago
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