Indy Photo Coach 5:56pm, 17 February 2012
Doggy Portrait

This week we're going to focus on our four legged furry family members.

Post the best shot of your pup and it may end up in next week's newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren

daniline 6 years ago
Jazzie Running
daniline 6 years ago
Jazzie Wet Head
Lupine Lens 6 years ago
2010 02 07_0347
susanfullen 6 years ago
xmas 2010 2
susanfullen 6 years ago
This was the VERY FIRST picture that I took with my new camera (Xmas 2010) and it received a "2nd" place ribbon in a county fair.
Diana Pappin PRO 6 years ago
Our dog Rok Star.
rs3148 by Rising Star Photography
kswiftphoto Posted 6 years ago. Edited by kswiftphoto (member) 6 years ago
Do I hafta wear these bows?
Phoebe, the psuedo sweet faced pekingese.
Imamiracle 6 years ago
katreic 6 years ago
Happy dog at the beach
katreic 6 years ago
paisley pig 6 years ago
Little Miss Lilac
Lupine Lens 6 years ago
Lupine Lens 6 years ago
Lady Portia
Kristal*Sky 6 years ago

Where's that bus?

The odd couple

All ears
Kristal*Sky 6 years ago
Dogs leave paw prints on out hearts.
Pearson,KyleD 6 years ago
not too traditional
Dehne01 PRO 6 years ago
Watchful Eye
apaulman1 6 years ago
Hank tracking3
Groups Beta