Indy Photo Coach 2:34pm, 9 February 2012
102/365: Cupid Strikes.

This week we celebrate Valentine's Day!

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Written by Trevor Warren

Denise Lundy PRO 6 years ago
Tangled Hearts

Day 25: Tangled Hearts
moostang78 6 years ago
Oldie but Hearty
Jo pixel 6 years ago
DSC_6422-2 by Jo pixel
Denise Lundy PRO 6 years ago
Valentine's Colors

Day 45: Valentine's Colors
NYCandre PRO 6 years ago
Saint Valentine's day

Saint Valentine was a martyr who bled to death. Out of love for his fellow human beings.

I figured it would be easier to draw/ paint it than assemble and post process an image. Well I did take a shot of the finished piece.
Aaron J Photography 6 years ago
Kristal*Sky 6 years ago
Puppy Love

Red White && Blue

Cupid and her Furry friend

My little cupid
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