Indy Photo Coach 12:01am, 1 December 2011
Merry Happy!

With all of the holidays that occur in December our cities and neighborhoods are filled lights, decorations and many other things that you can capture. Here are some tips for how you can turn those things into a great picture:

• In Manual Mode, try setting the camera to a high shutter speed
so only lights are visible and the rest of the background is dark.

• In Manual Mode, set your aperture to a wide setting (i.e. lower
number) to pleasant "bokeh" in your image.

• Look for an interesting perspective to capture. We're used to
seeing holiday decorations from the street. What are some other
less common ways you can present them in your pictures?

With the above tips in mind, take your best photo or holiday lights, decorations, etc…

Post your results and your picture could end up in our weekly newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren
photowalkr 7 years ago
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ChristmasPortia (1 of 1)
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Wow, it's Christmas time!
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Merry Christmas 2011
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Indy Monument Circle lights
brian.youchak 7 years ago
Indianapolis, IN - Indianapolis Circle of Lights by brian.youchak
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