Fotocross Photography PRO 7:00pm, 4 October 2011
I need to get some input from those of you who are selling prints to clients. I have been doing some sports photography for my kids teams this year. I am getting requests for prints. This is something I would like to do at some point. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to charge per different sizes?
indykaleu 7 years ago
I have been told by a few photographers who were selling their prints at local art galleries to always double what you have invested in the picture (frame, matting, glass etc.) and then add anywhere from 10-25% extra as a cushion when negotiating the final price.

I haven't tried to sell any prints, so I don't if the above advice will work, but it seems a reasonable starting point. I've also been told not to price your work too cheaply as that is how potential clients will see your work and will always expect a cheap price from you, no matter the work involved.

Good luck with selling the prints. I hope you do well.
moostang78 7 years ago
I agree with Indy. I don't sell prints either but I have heard the same pricing scale.
radarbrat photography 7 years ago
I think both points above are valid for art shows, but it sounds like you're not dealing with art shows.

Youth sports photography and art photography are different ball games (pun intended). I don't have any specific $$$ amounts to recommend, but you'll probably sell a lot more if you price 4x6" at $2 per print then if you sell them @ $5 per print.

The premium price points come into play if you have a matting and framing option, but that could be quite a bit more work on your part.

Also take into consideration how difficult it would be to distribute the photos. If you're handing them out at ball games, it could cut into your spectating and photographing time. If you have to ship them, keep the time cost factor in mind as well.

You could really turn it into quite a business with a little effort.
Thanks for everyones input.
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