Indy Photo Coach 3:42am, 15 June 2011

This week your challenge is to capture something or someone that looks timeless. Do your best to eliminate any clues that would indicate this is a present day image. Black and white helps and you might check out this weeks tip about using your camera settings to produce vintage looking black and white.

Post your results here and they may end up in one of our newsletters!

Written by Trevor Warren

Trevor Warren 7 years ago
rmshaffer 7 years ago
New to the group. First post; old image; edited in Lightroom.

Tree Carving
Denise Lundy PRO 7 years ago
old school house
Sheldon Shaw PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Sheldon Shaw (member) 7 years ago
As it was in 1884
billowy income [deleted] 7 years ago
not sure if this will work but figured i would give it a try
Nightr Lights-2144
chrispysmithusa1 7 years ago
Daryl C H 7 years ago
jjs08 PRO 7 years ago
If I could only see into his world!
carolebl Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Trevor Warren (admin) 7 years ago
steiner30 7 years ago
Imamiracle 7 years ago
kermit the fraud PRO 7 years ago
Southern Indiana
godschild32461 7 years ago
hannah - Page 001
acsc3500 7 years ago
Turkey Run State Park (2 of 2).jpg
kermit the fraud PRO 7 years ago
Bluemiller1980 7 years ago
the end
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