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Tip: Street Shooting Techniques

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Indy Photo Coach is a group administrator Indy Photo Coach says:

This week the topic is "street shooting." This is when you take your camera somewhere without knowing what, if anything, you will take a pictures of. I almost always have a camera with me these days and anytime I don't I regret it. The key to street shooting is simply being ready to capture a moment quickly before it's gone. They may only last seconds and the techniques covered here will help improve your chances of catching them in time.

Finally I get to go home

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Written by Trevor Warren
10:41AM, 30 March 2011 PDT (permalink)

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moostang78 says:

I want a fish eye lens. They are so expensive!!! :(
90 months ago (permalink)

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Fotos by Rachel says:

I got one that just connects to my existing lens for $16 on ebay! It's also a macro lens when you take it apart! I don't know much about fish eye lenses so maybe what I got is not as good, but I like it!
90 months ago (permalink)

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Trevor Warren is a group administrator Trevor Warren says:


The Spherize filter in Photoshop could work in certain shots. Not as good as the real thing, but in the mean time.
90 months ago (permalink)

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