moostang78 7:52pm, 5 April 2011
Would anyone be interested in doing this - this year.? I haven't responded to the person yet because I don't want to be the only photographer. We had 3 photographers last year and it seemed to be fine.

I don't really want to particpate this year but if anyone else would like to use this as a learning experience or photo outing - I'm sure the organizer would be greatful. I have the contact information for anyone interested.

See last years below:
moostang78 7 years ago
If you search "Fallen Hero" under the photo pool you can see photos taken last year.
indykaleu 7 years ago
I'm interested...please send me the details.
moostang78 7 years ago
IndyKaleu - Flickr Mail. :o)

The date is July 9th.
{Elisabeth} 7 years ago
I would be happy to help again!
moostang78 7 years ago
Elisabeth I believe IndyKaleu is heading it up this year.
B Bailey Photography 7 years ago
I'll be glad to help out if you still need someone..
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