billowy income [deleted] 1:49pm, 22 March 2011
We will be going on a trip to Chicago in the coming month and was wondering where are some places to consider going for this. Will be taking the megabus from Chicago and still in the planning stages as well. Tickets are purchased all ready for our group that's Going. I know Moostang has gone and the more were ready for this 16 hour venture the better.. Thanks David
moostang78 7 years ago
Chicago is so fun. I was trying to plan a trip a couple of weeks ago! You will have a blast. If you have nice weather - walk walk and more walking! It's a great City to just walk around and shoot anything.

When we went, we drove to Hammond (3 hrs), then took the train into Chicago's Van Buren station (20 min, $8). Which is right by Millenium (sp?) park and the Bean. (awesome photos). You are pretty central there to all the "stuff." We walked all day and went to the John Hancock Center (North end), Miracle Mile, Navy Pier, all over downtown by the river.

The train is the cheapest way I have ever found to travel to chicago hassle free. You can go super early and come back super late so it makes a good day trip. Just be cautious if you take the train -- on the return trip, the departure when they announce it is NOT called Hammond. It's called South Shoreline.

Good luck and have fun.
indykaleu 7 years ago
Dave, as long as I can get some night time stuff, I'll be happy..haha
I've got some stuff on the way from the Chicago Chamber of Commerce. Maybe that will give us some good ideas on where to go and how best to get around.
BlythePonytailParades 7 years ago
I just posted a few pictures I took from Navy Pier at the top of the ferris wheel. Those turned out pretty good! :)
moostang78 7 years ago
You can get a CTA all day ride ticket for like $5.95 if you don't want to walk. You can go to Chicago Transit Authority to find out more. It's good for their bus system and trains, unlimited ride for a 24 hour period.

I think you will be really frustrated if you try to drive in Chicago. Not to mention all the money for parking.

If you have an iPhone, two apps I suggest:

CTA|mobile - maps, train stops, bus stops in real time and

TransitGenie - tells you the closest train, bus, walking distance in real time from your current location to your destination.

indykaleu - I hope you guys get there around sunrise - the sun coming over lake michigan is beautiful!
generationD3/D810 7 years ago
Do lake Shore Drive and try to get over to Chinatown....well worth the ride
billowy income [deleted] 7 years ago
i wish i could do a pre trip just to get the feeling of where everything would Moostang would you like to be our Guide lol
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